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    Brick Pointing Williamsburg In Brooklyn NYC

    Brick Pointing and Masonry in Williamsburg Brooklyn

    The vibrant community of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, brings together a long history with an exciting new feel. 

    There’s an arts and music scene, cafes and restaurants, and a youthful energy with a historic backdrop. There are old industrial buildings and long-standing residential communities.

    And with that history is a desire to maintain those memorable structures, which requires special expertise. 

    For instance, the historic brick buildings are both beautiful and durable, but often require repairs. The best Williamsburg Brooklyn brick pointing contractors can help repair, maintain, and improve those structures.

    Brick pointing is a special technique that repairs the joints between bricks or other masonry elements like stone. The mortar in the joints crack and disintegrate over time, requiring a particular approach to restoration. 

    NYC Brick Pointing and our masonry contractors Brooklyn teams are experts in Williamsburg brick pointing, and can help restore your home, apartment or commercial building to new, while maintaining the historic look and feel.
    Brick pointing requires special tools to remove defective mortar and replace it with fresh mortar. It’s preferable to have mortar joints that are composed of the same material as the original product.

    To start, we use a combination of tools and hand work to do the job. Steam cleaning is one technique, in which we use high water pressure on the brick to remove loose pieces, get rid of old joint mortar, and start with a clean surface on which to work. 

    Then we administer the brick pointing to replace the mortar, applying carefully, measuring and leveling the product, and setting it properly to ensure long lasting results. Our process helps prevent damages down the road, saving you money in the long run and adding value to your property. It also helps to restore the building to a like-new state, while still maintaining its historic appeal.

    When you need a masonry contractor in Williamsburg Brooklyn, contact our Brooklyn masonry contractors for top-notch results. And it’s best to contact us as soon as you see a problem, rather than leaving it and creating a bigger headache down the road. The building may become compromised, the job will be more difficult, and the cost of repair could be higher.

    Here are a few of the services we can provide: 

    And more.

    It’s important when choosing Williamsburg Brooklyn brick pointing contractors that you opt for a company with the expertise, tools, and experience to do the job right. This isn’t a “Do It Yourself” kind of job, and it shouldn’t be left to just anyone to attempt.

    A trained professional who has experience as a masonry contractor in Williamsburg Brooklyn is what you need to ensure the proper restoration of the beautiful aspects of this city. Even in the case of newer brick buildings, we have the expertise to ensure the structure is sound and your home, office or apartment looks beautiful for years to come.

    Look to NYC Brick Pointing for excellent results, and make an investment in our  exceptional workmanship and customer service. Make sure you protect your building and your investment by going a cut above the rest with NYC Brick Pointing in Williamsburg Brooklyn.