Brick Power Washing Services NYC


    Brick Power Washing Services in Brooklyn NYC

    Brick Power Washing 101

    For property owners who have the classic brickwork finish in their walls, chimneys, or pillars, maintaining them through processes like brick pointing or bricktucking is a must. These services ensure that the brick structures are preserved and kept strong enough not to collapse. Through these two processes, brick structures are made weather and moisture proof, further lengthening the lifespan of the bricks and making them look sharp. Another way to maintain brick works is through a cleaning process called power brick washing.
    As the name suggests, brick power washing services involves power-generated and operated tools and equipment such as pressure hoses and washers to keep the grime off the walls. Manual wall cleaning is also a welcome solution to keep the bricks clean. This can work for smaller surface areas or for simple spot cleaning tasks, but for external walls or even chimneys, help from power washing contractors NYC is a must in order to be time and cost-effective. 

    What is Power Washing

    Power washing, also known as brick pressure washing, is a method of cleaning that uses high pressure cleaners and hoses to force dirt and grime off any brick surface. Brick walls are not often cleaned and have the tendency to accumulate dirt over time. This is especially true for chimneys, fireplaces, and exterior walls that are constantly exposed to many external elements like water, fire, air, dirt, impact, and more. Leaving these brick structures to the elements for a long period may cause them to appear discolored or filthy.

    While brick pointing and tuckpointing are applied to renew the mortar in between bricks, power washing keeps layers of dirt off the surface. Power washing is a good way to quickly and  effectively remove unsightly dirt that has accumulated. This activity also sounds like a fun activity, but supercharged bouts of water and pressure can also cause harm. This type of cleaning service is prevalent in the city, and power brick washing NYC is one of the most booked services in town. It delivers quick results but also requires an expert touch so as not to harm any structure with any excessive pressure.

    Power washing is not only used for brick walls. The same method can also be seen used on concrete surfaces and even cars. And as such, each type of surface requires specialized care. from the equipment used to the cleaning chemical to be applied, each item and technique to be used must be adapted to the needs of the situation. This is to ensure that no damage will be done after the pressure is applied. Take for example brick walls, any pressure above the standard required can chip away mortar joints or weaken the structure. That’s why the first step to cleaning brick walls is to patch loose mortar or gaps in the brickwork. Brick and mortar are porous and any excess water trapped in the spaces near the bricks can compromise the sturdiness and quality of the brickwork.

    Brick power washing services NYC may involve equipment such as low pressure water spray. This spray is used to soak the brick surface with water to soften dirt and prepare the surface for cleaning. The sprayer can then be used with special detergent for bricks.  A good brick power washing company NYC knows that mortar and brick are permeable. When using detergent and water, the goal is to use the right amount of both water and detergent to reach as far into the surface which dirt also reached. They leave the detergent on for a few minutes to let it soak a bit before brushing or washing them off.  Detergent is a known degreaser and can break grease or soot on the exposed area.

    Tougher stains can be spot cleaned with a scrub brush. When mold or other organic growth has grown on the surface, bleach-based cleaning products can also be used. If a brush is too small; a pressure washer is also used.

    All these material and equipment are used by power washing contractors NYC and with their skill and know-how, they are able to determine the best possible material to use for the most satisfactory result. Expert hands are required to determine which chemicals to use, as well as how to handle and dispose them.

    Brick Power Washing Cost

    Brick power washing NYC companies offer competitive price points for power washing. Given the equipment required to perform the task as well as the labor involved, prices for a standard wall starts from __USD. It is best to book only the best contractor with experience and expertise in handling delicate brick cleaning services.  Services like power washing also unsure that clients get the best value for their time and money. Power washing guarantees instant satisfactory results as well as trusty post-cleaning sealants that keep the walls or brickworks cleaner for longer periods of time.