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    Look no further as NYC Brick Pointing Pros is one of the best companies clients go to when looking for the most excellent brick pointing contractors in NYC. When it comes to brick pointing, know that the service is not only about brick repair nor fixing masonry elements, it is also about providing good quality work that can last for years to come. NYC Brick Pointing Pros is a choice pointing brick company in NYC because of its attention to detail, good customer service, and durable repairs.

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    Susanna Hoss
    Susanna Hoss
    Great and efficient work from NYC Brick Pointing whose crew of contractors repointed the brick of house in Bensonhurst ,Brooklyn with noticeable quality.
    Morgan Clarik
    Morgan Clarik
    NYC Brick Pointing performed real well in waterproofing and have the bricks in my house in Greenpoint, Brooklyn repointed to near perfection. They also give a good estimate price on top of a responsive office team.
    Alex Ashton
    Alex Ashton
    Having the bricks in my house at Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn repointed by the professional team of contractors from NYC Brick Pointing was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Before hiring them however, I noted that their office crew was really responsive which I liked. They were so easy to talk to and getting an estimate was so easy especially because it was such a fair price for the amount of repair and waterproofing work they had to do. When their on-site crew arrived and started working, I knew then and there that I was in good hands as I saw that there were so efficient in their quality work. They finished everything so well and timely, and I could not thank them enough. Highly recommended company.
    Cris Scott
    Cris Scott
    I live in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn and NYC Brick Pointing did quite a professional job at having the bricks in my house repointed and also repair some of them. Their contractors also did such a quality job at waterproofing the bricks, all for a very fair price. Their crew were so efficient in their workplace as to ensure safety of everyone. Their office team also did pretty well in entertaining me as they were very responsive to my questions about the estimate of the job or when their crew would arrive. Very well-driven and balanced company for my brick pointing needs. Highly recommended!
    Felton Rinaldis
    Felton Rinaldis
    My house in East New York, Brooklyn needed repair and to be repointed, thankfully NYC Brick Pointing was so responsive to my needs for a very fair price. Not only was their office crew great but so was their on-site team as well. When the contractors arrived they made quick work on the estimate and went right into doing their jobs. Quality was clearly what was in mind when they were working because of how professional and efficient they were in the span of the whole project. They even went so far as to waterproof the brick lining to reduce future damage. I always thought that changing to concrete would be best, but that thought dissipated when I saw these guys work there earnestly. You guys are amazing! Thanks once again!
    Maurice Boden
    Maurice Boden
    The bricks of my house in Bedford-Stuyvesant needed some urgent repointing and I was so glad I came in contact with NYC Brick Pointing. Their office team was really responsive to any questions I had about the repair project which I was thankful for. When they came, the contractors already seemed really professional and took an estimate of the site swiftly. When the rest of their crew arrived to start, it was refreshing to see that they prioritized being efficient to make sure that they did their work well and ensure quality. Having repointed and waterproofed everything, I was thankful we didn't replace our bricks with concrete because their work was perfect. With all that, we paid them quite a fair price and I have to say, if I have any more repointing needs I already know who to call. Thanks, guys!
    Richard Stokes
    Richard Stokes
    To put it simply, NYC Brick Pointing and their crew were efficient, professional and did quality work on my house in Stuyvesant Heights, Brooklyn. Having paid a rather fair price for a repair job, their team did well in repointing the bricks thus waterproofing them. Repointing the bricks was definitely a better idea than to have them replace it with concrete. The contractors were also very responsive to our inquiries about the estimate, repointed bricks and the like. These guys are the best at what they do, 5/5 rating!
    Goggo Dia
    Goggo Dia
    NYC Brick Pointing did such a good job in our home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for a very fair cost. Not only do they offer great service but they also do quotes which was a pleasure to do. Their crew did a really fast estimate of the brick walls on our sidewalk, backyard, and adjacent to our concrete wall. They did so well at their job, especially because they used waterproof mortar to replace the old one. If you are in need of brick pointing Brooklyn contractors they are the ones for you. 5/5 recommendation!
    Baby Girl
    Baby Girl
    We needed brick pointing done for our house in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. After getting several estimates, we decided to go hire these guys. Best decision. Project was completed on time and professionally done.
    Derek Roberts
    Derek Roberts
    A friend needed work done, and I found this company via Google. The wealth of knowledge that was provided by the company made my friend (and myself) extremely comfortable with using this company. Though the repair wasn't required, I would HIGHLY recommend using this company, for their professionalism, courtesy, and knowledge.

    Home Brick Pointing NYC Project Requirements

    Whether a building is previously outfitted with bricks due to period-dated architecture and design style or as a modern add-on, how the bricks look and brick installation is also necessary when maintaining a property, from its alignment to mortar joints, and even down to discoloration, meticulous owners call our brick pointing contractors for all types of brick pointing NYC building projects. We provide residential and commercial masonry work and ensure that our customer’s brick restoration requirements are met.

    Brick Pointing NYC Cost

    Worry not as NYC Brick Pointing offers excellent brick pointing services, repairs, and the like for a price that will not break the bank. Plus, its pointing brick services are among the most durable and time-tested around New York City which makes their repointing brick cost more cost-effective against other brick pointing NYC contractors (and from outside the city, too!).

    Brick pointing is a must for buildings or walls that have an aging mortar or deteriorating brick pieces from being exposed to elements like sun, rain, wind, or impact. Brick installation from generations ago was made brick-by-brick, and they were put and held together by the mortar mix available at the time. Over decades, these joints became cracked or fall out which means they will need brick pointing. 

    To fill gaps from chipped mortar joints, one needs to either chisel out the part of the wall where the mortar fell out to ensure that other loose mortar can be taken out for repointing. Then a new batch of mortar (preferably the same color as the old mortar) should be mixed and applied to the area that needs fortification. These are steps already known to and perfected by trusted masonry contractor NYC.

    This task may look easy for the handy person to execute. To some extent, this can be doable for a small-scale brick pointing job such as those found in backyards or homes. But for those who have larger walls to fill or a whole new building to mount using bricks, it is best to ask for professional help and get a reliable masonry contractor in NYC.

    Brickwork contractors ensure that the bricks in any property are made and enforced well not only for aesthetic quality but for overall safety. They can check and assess if a brick wall is safe and will not collapse anytime or if a brick restoration is in order. At the same time, brick pointing is also a good way to preserve a structure, especially if it’s a heritage home or a local landmark originally made with bricks for its walls or foundation.consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

    Tuck Pointing Brick Service NYC

    When it comes to repairing brickwork or masonry elements in surfaces, tuck pointing is a likely choice among brick experts and masonry contractors in NYC. For those searching for “tuck pointing near me” or simply tuck pointing contractor NYC, be sure to only trust a company that provides quality nyc tuck pointing services. They must be able to repair and remove deteriorating mortar joints. For properties that have a chimney or a whole wall made of bricks, there might be some cracks or chips in the areas between the bricks (the mortar joints). In most cases, a NYC masonry contractor (or a NYC tuck pointing contractor, at least) is called to repair the damage or prevent more serious effects.

    In tuck pointing, old mortar joints (especially the disintegrating parts) are chiseled or carved out in order for the fresh mix to be applied soon after. It can be usually done by getting out the mortar joints by carving them out and setting standard depths. Fill in a fresh mortar to the grooves made and smoothen it. Red mortar is often used to match the red hues of classic brick finishes. Then, a thin line of contrast color putty (fillet) is also applied in the joints to recreate the delineation of the bricks to make it look like the old brick wall structures.

    In the city, a good NYC tuck pointing contractor enhances brick structures with attention to detail and relevant experience. NYC masonry contractors include consultations and assessments on brick structures in order to figure out if the problem lies within a whole mortar system or just a few problem areas that need repair.

    Mortar joints in brickwork such as walls can get damaged from its exposure to the weather. Long ago, bricks were joined by various mixes in the mortar, resulting to different textures and even color finishes in these bricks. These time-tested brick walls are undoubtedly in fashion again and authentic brickwork with decades on it are being maintained by property owners to date. After all, great brick and mortar work also adds value to the property. But some clients ask, how much tuck pointing cost? This varies from case to case but a good tuck pointing contractor NYC offers reasonably priced services along with high quality and long-lasting results.

    Water and moisture are often considered the main causes of deterioration among chimneys or walls made of bricks. While the bricks itself are made to last, harsher conditions, water exposure, and the constant impact can make masonry mortar spaces to deteriorate.

    Tuck pointing is not only performed to make a surface look cool, but also to preserve it. Aside from ensuring further weathering and corrosion is contained, the structure is also fortified and enhance so it does not easily collapse.  The final contrasting lines of putty also give the finished look a crisper, more defined look.  This often needs a professional touch as it can be labor-intensive. Carving out the mortar may need an expert touch to avoid further damage, especially when dealing with exterior parts where any wrong step can be easily seen by anyone passing by.

    Brick Power Washing Services NYC

    From installations, repairs, and even brick power washing, NYC Brick Pointing Pros is the most trusted team. Some property landlords think that owning a high-pressure hose and a running water supply are both enough to clean brick surfaces. However, it is still best to contact power washing contractors to do the job effectively and without damaging brick-and-mortar pieces on the walls.

    For those curious about what is power washing, it is a way to get brick surfaces cleaned in no time. After all, scrubbing them by hand or with simple tools will not only be as effective but may also prove to be a waste of time and energy. Brick power washing involves the use of specialized equipment such as a high-pressure washer and the right chemicals, as needed.

    Before venturing into power brick washing, necessary steps must first be taken. Property owners are highly encouraged to get their brick walls checked for cracks or deterioration. Patch them up if there are any signs of cracks and contact a brick power washing company or a brick pointing contractor to assess if the mortar needs repair. Keeping your bricks maintained and crack-free makes sure that no water or moisture gets in between the bricks to avoid molds from growing there. Plus, high-pressure washing can dislodge any loose brick or mortar, so it is best to check them out first before intensive cleaning.

    Brick power washing services offer a thorough way to clean and make brick services look good as new. The basic steps in cleaning brick walls are similar to cleaning solid walls, but with extra precautions in place. It involves a great deal of water and detergent of choice to keep dirt and grime off the surface.

    ​Power brick washing companies would soak the walls first with water, often by spraying water all over. This allows soil and dirt to get softer and easier to scrub off. Next up, a detergent mix is also sprayed on the surface. Tougher dirt is also sometimes cleaned off with a hard brush but most of the time, a high-pressure device is used to scrub the wall off. After cleaning, a sealant is also applied to make sure the wall stays clean a bit longer. This protective seal holds off dirt and the elements at bay for a while.

    These steps are tedious and are best performed by brick power washing professionals. Not only is it time-consuming, but it can also damage wall surfaces when done wrong. After all, brick and mortar can be weathered with time and may become brittle in the long run. Experts can help determine the suitable detergent to use on mortar and brick as well as the right amount of pressure applied to this type of surface. They know the exact amount of PSI (pounds per square inch) needed to break the bonds between the grime and the surface, nothing more or less. Other methods such as acid cleaning or determining the proper detergent are also important in keeping the bricks clean with zero damage left behind. 

    We want to take this opportunity to give a shout-out to our good friends at Lancaster Asphalt Paving who we’ve known for many years now and are Driveway resurfacing Lancaster experts.
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